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English language course in Canada for Juniors

Imagine learning English in one of the world's most exciting countries. With Canada's diverse culture, breathtaking natural beauty and exciting atmosphere you will learn the language while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. With English as Canada's co-official language, you will find yourself learning the language in a way you never imagined possible, through experiencing it spoken naturally as you explore the world's second largest country.

It's time to forget about learning a language the old-fashioned way and embark on a language and travel experience that you will never forget. The boring lectures in dull classrooms are over, but the learning is all set to continue as you enjoy everything this awesome country has to offer. In a country where history, culture and natural beauty combine to create an environment like no other, you're sure to fall in love with Canada and everything it has to offer.

Cultural influences

American lifestyle and British class - that's a good way to describe Canada. But many influences from other cultures also make Canada worth discovering.

English & French

Canada is a bilingual country, meaning that both English and French are official languages, so most Canadians speak both languages - an ideal language travel destination!

Beautiful Cities - Nice People

Canada is always worth a trip, not only because of the impressive cities, but also because the Canadians themselves welcome you with hospitality and courtesy.

On request with flight accompaniment

We will be happy to accompany you on your flight so that you can experience the perfect language study trip without any worries.

Sprachcaffe offers you the opportunity to go on a language study trip to world-famous cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. A language study trip to Canada is the most effective and interesting way to improve your language skills and at the same time get to know friendly people of the same age from all over the world! Explore the traditions and peculiarities of the Canadians, their cheerful festivals and the delicious Canadian cuisine and use what you learn directly in everyday life. Canada is a diverse country that will enchant and surprise you again and again. See for yourself on one of our language courses for students in Canada and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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Questions and answers about Canada

The first inhabitants of Canada were Indians and Inuits before the British and French moved their colonies there. Almost half of Canadians have British or French ancestry. In general, Canada is known as a popular immigration country, so you will find many different cultures here. However, many of them now call themselves Canadians and have developed their own unique culture. A special characteristic of Canadians is that they are always friendly and respectful towards their fellow human beings. Most are very educated, as the country is considered the most highly educated in the world. In addition, most of them are big ice hockey fans - Canada's national sport.

English is spoken in most parts of Canada. But in the Quebec region, where Montréal is located, the official language is not English but French. Most people speak good English and you can easily communicate without knowing French. However, there are a few exceptions who really only speak French!

Canadian English is described as a very clear English. Therefore, you don't have to pay attention to so many things to sound like a real Canadian. The spelling as well as the pronunciation is a combination of British and American English. It is typical for Canadians to add an "eh?" after sentences for emphasis, but this actually has no meaning. French in writing differs only slightly from French in France. However, the pronunciation is different. French and Canadians can converse without any problems.

It is typically Canadian to combine sports and nature. There are many outdoor sports, such as skiing, hiking, climbing and kayaking. You might also try the most popular Canadian sport, ice hockey. Even if you're not a sports fan, you won't be bored in Canada. There are countless metropolises, such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montréal. Of course, due to the size of the country, it is difficult to visit them all, as the big cities are often very far apart. But there are certainly a few national parks near you where you can enjoy the incredibly beautiful nature.

Maple syrup is definitely one of the country's specialities! Canadians use it everywhere as a sweetener, for example on ice cream or pancakes. If you like it sweet, you will definitely love the Beaver Tails! You can call it a cross between donuts and waffles, which can be topped with any sweet. The classic fast food in Canada is poutine: fries au gratin with cheese and gravy. The most popular fast food chain is definitely Tim Hortons. It used to serve mainly donuts and coffee, but now you can order your entire lunch there.

You probably know that Canada is a very big country. But did you know that it is the second largest country in the world after Russia? No wonder Canada has more lakes than all the other countries put together. Even though it is very big, the population density is really low: only about 38 million people live in the country. By comparison, Germany has more than twice as many!

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