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Learn English in England for Juniors

English courses in England offer young people a great opportunity to see the country where the English language originated. Home to Queen Elizabeth II, fish-n-chips, tea, football and covered in green parks and fields - England is a country filled with history and tradition. It is also an extremely multicultural country and its mix of cultures and influences, coupled with the country's own charming national characteristics, is something unique to experience.  

We all know how important English skills are in modern times - young people often need this vital skill as they get older in order to progress in the world of work and travel. However, sometimes teenagers don't fully appreciate the importance of English without seeing the practical application of it in everyday situations. That is why studying English abroad is so important. Teenagers at our English schools use English throughout the day in order to communicate with their classmates and locals, which shows them just how useful English is.

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Questions and answers about England

By spending time in England on one of our English courses, young people pick up essential vocabulary and communication skills that they may never gain in their home countries. During their time in England, teenagers become accustomed to the range of English accents as well as the customs and traditions of the English people. They learn about the food, music, television, sport and general popular culture of England.

This is not the only benefit of spending time at one of our English language schools in England; while you are here you will make new friends from all over the world, enjoy great games, parties and movie nights at the school, as well as outdoor activities, sports and excursions, and, last but not least, enough free time to get to know your roommates or host family and explore your city of choice.

One thing you always associate with the English: Politeness. Please, Thank you and Sorry should definitely be included in your vocabulary. Things like punctuality, patience and polite small talk are also part of the fine English way. England is a multicultural country with many cultural influences. All ethnic groups and religions are treated with particular respect here. You should also inform yourself a little about the Royal Family, because most English people always know everything about the Royal Family!

Outside of our courses, you can organise your leisure programme in many different ways. Explore the regions or let yourself be inspired by our leisure activities. You will definitely get your money's worth. Of course, you can visit all the sights in the city where you want to do your language course. For example, you can visit Buckingham Palace in London or go hiking at the cliffs of Eastbourne. The possibilities are endless. The best way to find out what there is to do in the city is to visit the "Leisure Activities" section of our website for the destination you are interested in! Maybe you'd like to try out the most popular sports in England, such as football, rugby or cricket. Or you might prefer to watch them in the traditional way at a sports bar.

English-speaking countries have different accents and sometimes different terms for the same things, despite speaking the same language. At school you will usually learn British English, and later you may also learn the difference between it and American English. You probably also know the pronunciation from school, so it should be no problem for you to understand the British accent! Perhaps you will also learn the British accent during your language course in England, as it is said to be the most attractive :-)

The English like a hearty breakfast: the famous "English Breakfast" with bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans is sure to fill you up. For lunch, for example, you can eat fish and chips - a popular fast food dish that you can get on every corner in England. By the way, "chips" here means French fries. At 5 o'clock it's time for "tea time"! Drinking a black tea with milk in the afternoon is a tradition in England! For dinner you can have for example "Bangers and Mash": Sausages and mashed potatoes. Even if you don't like English cuisine, you will find many international dishes here!

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