English Courses in New York for Juniors

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Visit the Big Apple and take an English course.

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English Course in New York for Juniors

Get ready to explore a city like no other as you enjoy everything New York City has to offer. In "the city that never sleeps" you will be bedazzled at every turn, while you embrace the English language and enjoy the vibrant energy that buzzes along the streets of NYC. In the land of opportunity, New York is the culmination of beauty, excitement and adventure. As a young adult in NYC you are guaranteed an experience to remember.

With an awe-inspiring skyline, amazing landmarks and lively multicultural neighborhoods, New York is the city where anything is possible. The city's incredible atmosphere will leave you captivated as you embark on an adventure and acquire English skills that will open up the door to infinite opportunities.

Whether you want to dive headfirst into an intensive English course or would prefer a standard course as you enjoy New York City to the fullest, our school in NYC is the ideal starting point for every adventure. Learning English in this amazing environment will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and exhilarated by the possibilities of the USA. Embrace an exciting curriculum and enjoy the company of our trained and friendly group leaders, and of course your fellow students.

"The big apple" is overflowing with exciting things to do and see, and will provide you with ample opportunity to experiment with your English skills while socializing with the friendly New Yorkers and students from all over the world. Get ready to be amazed in NYC by everything from fashion and history to culture and breathtaking beauty.

Why Learn English in New York City?

Unlock the door to infinite opportunities as you learn English and experience the wonder of New York City. An English course in New York City is a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with amazing memories, lifelong friendships and a sense of independence that every young adult craves. Invest in your future as you experience the many incredible attractions, absorb the English language and meet people from all over the world. Adventure is guaranteed in NYC, so let’s get together and talk!

Our School in New York

Our school is in the heart of Manhattan and offers you the opportunity to learn English in a relaxed and enjoyable environment that will guarantee effective learning. New York has a lively atmosphere, unmatched by any city in the world, making it the ideal destination to learn a global language while enjoying some of the world's greatest tourist attractions.

Our school is fully equipped and is located near a major subway station - the perfect starting point for all your adventures! With our talented teachers and exciting curriculum, your time in the classroom will be worthwhile and exhilarating. Our open and communicative teaching techniques will help you gain confidence as you embrace the English language and experiment with your skills inside and outside the classroom.

Our school is fully equipped with:

  • A welcoming reception area
  • Fully functional classrooms
  • A recreational area
  • Study lounge
  • Internet access

With our small group sizes and exciting planned activities, your experience in New York is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Enjoy the wonders of Broadway or visit the world-renowned Madison Square Garden. No matter what you choose, NYC is a city like no other and will keep you truly mesmerized from the moment you arrive.

Course Details

Whether you want to perfect your existing English skills or learn the very basics of the language, our school in New York offers standard English courses for all levels that you can take for your preferred length of time.

Standard Course

20 lessons per week
Minimum duration: 2 weeks
Maximum 10 students

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Forget about classroom learning as you know it, because with our talented teachers you will be able to enjoy a relaxed environment that helps you gain confidence in your skills and allows you to express yourself in our open and communicative classrooms. Learn how to read, write and speak the English language as you develop your vocabulary and improve your grammar. When in the streets of NYC, students find that the English practice continues naturally as they get chatting to locals and other young people in the streets, shops and restaurants of NYC:

Our online assessment tests (taken before you coem to New York) help to ensure you are placed in a class with students at a similar language proficiency level, and with teachers who will adapt the class to suit every student’s individual language needs.


Even if New York never sleeps, you have to! You are sure to crave a relaxing environment to call home after your fun and adventure filled days in NYC. Our school in New York offers you two accommodation options - you can either stay in our residence or in a college accommodation with other langauge students.

If you choose our residence or college options, you'll always have other students to get to know and who will be just as keen as you to practise their newly acquired English skills. The residence is ideal for exploring the city, with subway stations and bus stops in the immediate vicinity. The cost to stay in the residence also includes a weekly cleaning service.


Double room
Full board
approx. 60 min by public transport
shared bathroom

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Double room
Full board
30-45 min by public transport
Available from 28 June to 22 August

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With a million and one things to do in New York City, you will find yourself inspired as you embrace a whole new culture in a city like no other. In The Big Apple, you will be captivated by a vibrant energy and an incredible atmosphere as you enjoy the countless incredible activities.

For a young adult, adventure is the spice of life and in New York adventure lies around every corner! Whether you want to marvel at the splendor of Lady Liberty, check out Times Square or just enjoy strolling down the lively streets of Manhattan, NYC has everything you could possibly imagine. Our trained Teamers are eager to share the wonders of New York with you as you socialize with students from all over the world and enjoy the famous American hospitality.

Our planned activities include everything from bowling to city tours and cultural excursions. Explore the land of opportunity as you visit Broadway, some of the world's biggest publishing houses and even enjoy some of the famous festivals or cultural events that New York has to offer.

Your days are guaranteed to be action-packed, but the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Our teamers have a whole variety of awesome adventures planned. Our welcome party sets the mood for a laid back and exciting trip with students from all over the world. Our themed parties allow you to truly experience New York's multicultural diversity - you can enjoy an incredible Hawaiian Luau and try your luck during a fun casino evening.

If you want to get a better idea of what the average week with Sprachcaffe in New York looks like, then take a look at our sample itinerary below. Participation in many of the activities listed is voluntary. You are free to pick the activities that interest you the most!


Placement test & lessons

Orientation tour

Welcome party



Boat tour to Statue of
Liberty and Ellis Island

Free evening



Visit of the American Museum
of Natural History

Free evening



Free afternoon

Free evening



Times Square Tour

Bad Taste Party: who can
create the most awful look?


Excursion to Coney Island
or Departure



Take it up a notch and enjoy our Intensive Leisure Program for just $165 extra each week.


Imagine exploring one of the world's greatest cities while learning English naturally and almost effortlessly. Everything is bigger in NYC, and with unimaginable possibilities around every corner you can rest assured that adventure awaits! Our world-class English courses combine a travel experience with the opportunity to enjoy the sense of independence that every young adult craves.

Services included

From Sprachcaffe you get an all-round carefree package. Everything you need for a successful language stay is included in the price. Whether it's: arrival as well as excursions, accommodation, language course, teaching materials, language certificate and of course a priceless memory.

All inclusive services at a glance

Our English courses in New York are specially designed to meet the needs of young adults as they embark on a true adventure in the "Big Apple". With everything from your accommodation to your English course and an activity program that will keep you entertained, your time in NYC will prove both worthwhile and life-changing. Every aspect of your course will be taken care of: all you have to do is embrace the experience and create unforgettable memories.

Every English course in New York City includes:

  • Airport transfers – Students will be collected from the airport at the start of their trip and will be dropped off at the end. Please arrange arrival and departure flight at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) or La Guardia (LGA) from 09:00-21:00. Other airports and times on request.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service is offered only if required by airline.
  • A specialized placement test - Ensuring every student is placed in a suitable class with students at a similar language proficiency level.
  • English language course – On our standard  English courses students get to learn the language in a relaxed, fun and effective environment with qualified and friendly language teachers.
  • Exciting leisure programs – With everything from sightseeing excursions to adventurous activities, every moment of your stay in New York City is guaranteed to be fun and invigorating. Enjoy the company of your fellow students and make friendships that will last a lifetime as you explore everything NYC has to offer.
  • Friendly Teamers and age-appropriate supervision – Our friendly and well-trained teamers are available 24/7 to ensure that students are taken care of and are available to offer advice or assistance at all times. Students who are under the age of 18 will be supervised and accompanied by our brilliant team leaders.
  • Accommodation with full board – Our brilliant homestay option gives you the opportunity to enjoy typical American home comforts, while experiencing English naturally. If you prefer a more sociable accommodation option, our school residence is ideal and will give you ample opportunity to make friends and experiment with your new skills.
  • Course certificate upon completion of the course – Students will be awarded a certificate of completion, which will certify the language level achieved as well as the number of lessons attended.

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