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The most effective and exciting way to learn a language, or to improve existing knowledge of it, is via a study abroad programme. French is an important Official Language worldwide, and after English one of the most learnt foreign languages in Europe.

With a French study abroad programme in Paris or Nice you could combine an exciting holiday with an effective French course. You will have an unforgettable experience as you are immersed in French culture, learning about the country's traditions and customs as well as the everyday use of the French language.

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Learn French or English in the island city of Montréal.

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Why take a French course?

Taking a French course has many advantages: French is one of the most important languages in politics and business, and one can hear its melodious intonations in many parts of the world. Why not learn French during a study abroad programme in France, where French is the official language and is used in everyday life? Visit the beautiful fashion capital of Paris and stroll along the Champs-Élysées, or experience the international atmosphere by the Mediterranean in Nice. During your French course you could quickly improve your language skills while discovering the culture, mentality and hospitality of the French people. The cuisine alone makes a holiday in France worthwhile! During your French course you will not only improve your language skills but you will also have a very enjoyable holiday.

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