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Spanish Courses in Cuba

Spanish Courses in Cuba
  • Breathtaking Caribbean island
  • Beautiful beaches and nature reserves
  • Spanish courses in the fascinating city of Havana

Spanish courses in Cuba are becoming popular choices among students deciding upon where to learn Spanish. Many people jump at the opportunity to see this inviting Caribbean island; and improving your ability to speak Spanish as you do so is an added bonus.

The home of passionate rhythms, rum, cigars and classic cars offers a diverse tropical landscape that thrives in a wonderful, subtropical climate. The many charming towns and cities filled with colonial architecture, bars, restaurants and museums, boast a rich artistic and cultural heritage. But don't just take our word for it, experience all of this for yourself during one of our Spanish courses in Cuba.

Our Language Courses in Cuba

Our Spanish school in Cuba is located in the capital city and home of the Rum Museum and Museum of the Revolution, Havana. During your Spanish course in Cuba you will have the chance to enjoy some delicious rum cocktails, authentic Cuban cuisine, white sandy beaches and lively salsa nights.

There will be plenty of exciting ways to spend your free time outside of the classroom, from the beautiful architecture and the educational museums to the pristine beaches and stunning surrounding landscape. During this free time don't be afraid to practise your new-found language skills with the friendly people of Havana.

Why study Spanish in Cuba?

Not only could you improve your language skills during one of our Spanish courses in Cuba, but you could also combine this with an exciting holiday on a beautiful Caribbean island. Through the skills you pick up on your language course, you will have the resources to go out and navigate your way around Havana and its surrounding regions. Use your experiences of everyday life in Cuba as material to discuss in class. Get to know the true Cuban culture as you live, eat and speak like the locals.

You will find that when you learn Spanish in Cuba, you are giving yourself up to the Caribbean atmosphere. The slow-pace of daily life and stress-free ethos of the island coupled with the passion and rhythms that come alive at night, will help you learn Spanish with ease. Spanish courses in Cuba are ideal for those who want to visit somewhere a little more adventurous and exotic while also making effective and quick language progress.