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Italian courses in Rome
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There is no better place to practice your newly-learned Italian skills than among native speakers in a beautifully historic surrounding. Our Sprachcaffe school in Rome offers Italian courses in a natural, laidback environment; the ancient city of Rome is the largest city in Italy and boasts endless possibilities for exploring the Italian history, culture and the beautiful language.

Book one of our Italian courses in Rome and discover the treasures of this fascinating European capital; in your spare time, you can embark on a unique discovery of the city’s many sights, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Piazza del Popolo and many other world-famous and historic places, and experience the culture and history of Rome yourself.

Italian Student Rome
Italian Students Rome
Sprachcaffe Italian Language Students Rome
Sprachcaffe Italian Language Students Rome
Sprachcaffe Italian Language Students Rome
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sprachcaffe rome roman forum
sprachcaffe rome spanish steps
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sprachcaffe rome basilica roof
sprachcaffe rome st peters basilica vatican
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Our Italian courses in Rome are diverse, and we offer something for everyone; whether you are looking to take a 2-week course during the summer holidays or an exam course, you will find something to suit you at our school in Rome.

When not in class, make sure you go for a wander through the Eternal City and discover the soul of Italy; take a nighttime walk through the Trastevere, which is arguably the most traditional Roman neighborhood with many narrow streets, ancient houses and trattorias. The fascinating surroundings of Rome provide the perfect backdrop for language learning.

Once you have chosen your course, you can register for adult courses here and courses for young people here. Or, contact us for any queries you have about the course.

Why take one of our Italian courses in Rome?

Our study abroad programs in Rome are great cultural experiences: you have the chance to learn Italian from qualified, native speakers whilst discovering one of the most exciting and historically rich cities in Europe. In your spare time, you can get together with your  fellow classmates to enjoy a gelato in Piazza Navona, admire paintings by the local artists, or stroll from the Spanish Steps to the stunning Trevi fountain. Don’t miss the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo, either, or the historically religious Vatican. An Italian program in Rome is an investment in your future, too, and taking one gives you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experiences, and develop new friendships. Discover for yourself the many benefits of taking one of our Italian courses in Rome!

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